On Sunday morning, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Palestine Liberation Army (Palestinian wing of the Syrian Arab Army) launched an offensive to recapture the imperative hilltop village of Tal Kurdi in the East Ghouta region of rural Damascus.

However, the offensive did not go as planned for the pro-government forces; instead, it ended in disaster, as over 25 militiamen were gunned down by the well-prepared Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) militants that were videotaped firing off rounds of ammunition towards the PLA and NDF fighters running in the open field.

Video footage of the attack was posting by the social media activists from Jaysh Al-Islam; this confirmed the failure of the assault, which ended in a mere half hour with no enemy casualties.

The Tal Kurdi offensive was not only poorly executed, but also, poorly planned; this is likely the fault of their commanders that thought they could send fresh recruits possessing very little training into a well-defended garrison controlled by veteran militants.

In the past few weeks, the Syrian Armed Forces have advanced all over the East Ghouta region; however, as of recently, the Syrian Arab Army's Central Command has concentrated a large amount of soldiers to the West Ghouta in order to begin the integral offensive at Darayya.


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Richard Lefew
Richard Lefew
08/02/2016 06:21
I watched this massacre in horror. I don’t know exactly what happened, if the NDF soldiers were retreating when they were caught in enfilade fire from their right flank, but I suspect they were retreating to their start lines, and the jihadi’s had used a tunnel to get behind the NDF force. I think some answers should be forthcoming as to what went wrong, and how the NDF managed to end up in such a vulnerable position. I saw overhead pictures of the area, and it appears that the NDF were either advancing, or retreating in an area with no… Read more »
Engin Kenan Yıldırım
08/02/2016 05:22

I have seen the video ????????
Too bad for the soldiers.bcs of idiot commanders ????

shane poole
08/02/2016 04:27

🙁 Damn what were they thinking

Aidan Astwood
08/02/2016 05:41

let’s hope the officers responsible for planning and execution of this op are court martialed.

Kevin Lindblom
08/02/2016 08:41

Brothers, I saw the videos. The commander in charge should be persecuted in a military tribunal for sending men to the death like that. To even make them charge fortified rebel positions without ANY tank support is a crime itself.

They were instead cut down in a fashion more fitting a 1916 trench battle.

08/02/2016 20:49

Maybe they have thought they were all Rambo. Hehe.

Salmaan Ahmad
08/02/2016 15:56


08/02/2016 09:33

Incompetence of commanders must result in consequences! Such idiocy should not be apologized.

Luca K
Luca K
08/02/2016 16:26

Mr.Leith Fadel,

I find the video you mentioned to be a strange one, for various reasons.
Have you written this article based on syrian military sources or only based on the claims of pro-terrorist sources?