The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) was poised to capture more territory in the Syrian desert province of Deir Ezzor on Monday; however, little did they know, the Russian Air Force was preparing to carry out a number of airstrikes over the terrorist group's positions.

ISIS stormed the Deir Ezzor Military Airport; the Al-Sina'a, Al-'Amal, and Al-Haweeqa Districts; and the village of Al-Muri'iyah with the intent to overwhelm the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) by sheer numbers alone; unfortunately, this was not the case for the terrorist group, as they ended up losing over 150 combatants and much of their heavy military equipment during this offensive.

On Tuesday morning, the ISIS fighters regrouped to launch another assault on the Deir Ezzor Military Airport; the village of Al-Muri'iyah; the Radio Broadcast Tower; and Sakr Island.

However, once again, the Russian Air Force was present above the provincial capital of Deir Ezzor, striking the terrorist group's movements in and around the city, while the Syrian Armed Forces combatted ISIS' ill-prepared assault.

The Syrian Arab Army's 137th Artillery Brigade of the 17th Reserve Division - in coordination with the 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guards, the National Defense Forces (NDF), and the Shaytat Tribesmen - would defeat the encroaching terrorist group for the second time in 24 hours, while the Russian Air Force continued to chase the ISIS militants to the Al-Sina'a Hospital in Al-Mayadeen.

According to a military source from the 104th Brigade, the Syrian Armed Forces destroyed 6 BMPs and 3 armored vehicles that were mounted with 57mm anti-aircraft machine guns inside Deir Ezzor on Tuesday.

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Social media activists from the terrorist group blamed the Russians for their failures inside the Deir Ezzor Governorate in the last 48 hours; this was not surprising given the recent exodus of ISIS fighters and families to the ISIS strongholds of Mosul and Al-'Anbar in Iraq.



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