The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has launched their largest assault on the provincial capital of the Deir Ezzor Governorate since their December 2014 offensive that resulted in the capture of Saqr Island, the village of 'Ayyash, the Radio Broadcast Tower, and Al-Bughayliyah - these were later recaptured by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

However, once again, ISIS is on the offensive inside this province in eastern Syria that is separated by the vast Euphrates River and the desolate Syrian Desert.

Part of their contingency for this new offensive in Deir Ezzor is to utilize several suicide bombers instead the usual one or two terrorists that are typically killed before reaching their intended target.

Sources from Deir Ezzor reported that dozens of ISIS fighters would charge their defenses and the first one to reach the Syrian Arab Army's fortifications would detonate their explosives in order to propel the other militants.

According to a military source in Deir Ezzor, ISIS has conducted over 30 suicide attacks in the last 48 hours, with at least 10 of these suicide attacks reported near the 137th Artillery Brigade's headquarters in Jabal Thardeh.

While these suicide attacks appear foolish, they have turned out to be a successful counter measure to the Syrian Arab Army's powerful weaponry.

This new tactic of having all their fighters strapped with suicide belts has proven to be the ISIS' most effective method to combat the Syrian Arab Army in Deir Ezzor.


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kumar Aniket

@abunouman last flicker befr end! US is gettimg desperate as they have failed 2 oust Assad! US taxpayers money down the drain

Maya Oppenheimer
Maya Oppenheimer

I really and truly want to see some of these Devils faces. Where are they from? What made them join? Who paid them?


you just read an article stating that dozens of them are blowing themselves up in martyrdom operations, and you ask who pays them???
you can’t pay someone to blow themselves up, because they then can’t use the money??

they are from all over the world and what made them join is Islam!