South Front have reported that the towns of Ibtaa and Dael are to surrender unconditionally to the Syrian Arab Army. The towns are located in Dara'a province.

It is part of a wider reconciliation process that will start tomorrow. The people of Ibtaa and Dael are to raise the Syrian Arab Republic's flags over the important buildings of the 2 towns tomorrow.

Only limited amounts of Army personnel are to enter the town, not as a liberation force but rather to see the smooth transition of the towns back into government hands.

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6 Comments on "Ibtaa and Dael surrender to the government in Daara, Syria"

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Fatima M

@Ibra_Joudeh Great news. Surrender & return to Syria.Let rebuilding process and reconciliation begin. People are tired of war

old man
old man

Some common sense at last. Finally the so called ‘rebels’ begin to act sensibly. What is the point of having your homes smashed and your families blown to bits when you could just agree to differ and live in a secular peace? A ‘good’ (!) dictator is better than a bad democracy. A nascent democracy needs law an order, even if that has to be supplied by a dictatorship. The west’s democracy is only in name, we are not really free. Agree to differ and get on with rebuilding what you had before the imperialists (us) got involved.

Jason Elander

@JewRussophile The Wahabi clowns are being rubbed out. Good!

المقاومة حتى الموت

keeping my fingers crossed

Kyriakos Zeibekis

Great news…well done glorious Syrian Army…

Colin Parkinson

Looking at that map is their a reason the Syrian army has not pushed all the way to the Jordanian border?