Moments ago, the Syrian Arab Army imposed full control over Al-Naymah town after a blitz offensive was launched east from Daraa city during the evening hours. This advance comes less than 18 hours after government troops also seized the town of Itman north of Daraa along the strategic M5-highway. Thus, two towns on the perimeter of the provincial capital of Daraa have been captured by government troops amidst heavy ongoing bombardments by the Russian Air Force and Syrian Arab Air Force.

According to a source close to Al-Masdar, the Syrian Arab Army’s 38th Brigade of the 5th Armored Division stormed the defensive positions of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) inside Al-Naymah which quickly forced Islamist rebels to flee east towards Sayda town. Reconnaissance by the Syrian security forces indicate than the rebel defensive line inside Al-Naymah had been heavily thinned out due to a major redeployment to Sheikh Meskin two weeks ago and subsequent loss of manpower at Daraa city. This explains how the Syrian Arab Army was able to capture the town without meeting much resistance.

Due to the capture of Al-Naymah and Itman, government troops have secured a wide supply line from the capital of Damascus to Daraa city. Prior to this, the Syrian government had to rely upon minor roads and helicopters as to supply government troops inside Daraa city. Meanwhile, rebels face an imminent threat in southern Syria as their forces have lost a handful of towns inside Daraa governorate during the past two weeks.

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