The recent arrival of the Russian Marines and Air Force to the Syrian port-city of Tartous has generated a significant amount of interest around the world, as the possibility of Russia's direct military intervention becomes the focal point of the war on ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham).

Should the Russians begin military operations in Syria, what role with the U.S. led "Anti-ISIS Coalition" play in combatting the terrorist group? Will they coordinate with one another? Will they avoid one another?

It seems both sides have their own strategy to combat ISIS, but the U.S. has had far more experience fighting the terrorist group, despite their minimal success in obstructing their growth and advance in Syria and Iraq.

Russia seems poised to take a similar approach to the U.S. led Coalition; however, they are not seeking the assistance of the neighboring Arab countries to combat the terrorist group.

Instead, the Russians appear to have a contingency that involves another world power that was absent from the U.S. led Anti-ISIS Coalition: China.

On Tuesday morning, a Chinese naval vessel reportedly traveled through Egypt's Suez Canal to enter the Mediterranean Sea; its destination was not confirmed.

However, according to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) that is stationed inside the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, Chinese military personnel and aerial assets are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks (6 weeks) to the port-city of Tartous - he could not provide anymore detail.

Russia has made it abundantly clear that they are taking an active role in this conflict, but the news of the Chinese military to Syria provides more insight into their contingency.

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It appears that Russia is not going to combat ISIS alone: the plan is similar to the U.S.' idea of a "coalition" of air forces, but far more involved on the ground; this is something the U.S. and their allies have avoided since the inception of their war against ISIS.

Despite all of this, Russia and the U.S. appear to be at it again; however, this is no space or arms race, they are actively flexing their muscles through their proxies (U.S.: rebels and Russia: Syrian Army).



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Ziad Welds
24/09/2015 03:21

Assad isint going nowhere baby muahahahahahahaha

Ryan Moore
24/09/2015 15:00

Why would we kick Assad out after the results in Lybia and Iraq? We booted Saddam and Gaddafi – now we have chaos and isis. Where can we get the truth about what is going on in Syria? Certainly not from the American media (if we had a free media, 80% of our problems would go away).

Kateřina Roszková
23/09/2015 10:08


Willy Van Damme
23/09/2015 10:47
It is interesting but no surprise at all. In Vladivostok Putin said army chiefs of staff of countries important in de war on Syria had held a meeting in Moscow. He didn’t say which ones. But this statement was made a day after visiting China. It is worth remembering Chinese troops took part in the 8 May troop demonstrations in Moscow. It is also worth remembering China has a lot of problems with Salafist terror groups supported by the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia committing atrocities in Xinjiang. And this coalition of nations is also trying to destroy Syria and… Read more »
Facbook poku
Abdullah Asghari
23/09/2015 11:29

Good job

James Padgett
23/09/2015 17:14

Gee, am sure many in the Pentagon and U.S. State Dept. are crying crocodile tears over lost opportunity to “Libya-ize” Syria.

David A Palmer
23/09/2015 17:44

USSA has far more experience fighting ISIS and a 100% FAILURE to date – US Foreign Policy is there to feed their Corporate War Industry not to defeat ISIS or anyone. Also to find ANY esxcuse for Regime in Syria. I support the Russian Federation and also China of they are supporting Russia. Stop the spread of USSA Hegemony… its a good thing and you know it makes sense!

Scott Allen
23/09/2015 22:06

Well it will bean absolute mess in that region.

Tim B. Stuart
23/09/2015 22:16

Battle of Gog and Magog…anyone?

Remember, after the battle, Israel is given “Seven Years” to burn the weapons. Therefore, this battle MUST take place BEFORE the seven year Tribulation opens up. This battle taking place Mid Trib. does not afford Israel the seven years to burn the Weapons as there would only be 3 1/2 years remaining.

Jason Johns
23/09/2015 23:38

There was some talk about this last week.

James Hay
24/09/2015 02:50

Hopely China’s And Russia’s Military Will Be Dismembered By The Islamic Scourge

Ziad Welds
24/09/2015 03:21

who else is coming soon maybe North korea? hahahahahahahahahaha wouldn’t that be the ultimate embarassing blow for US having to cooperate with them too

Ziad Welds
24/09/2015 03:21

what is going on here? hahahahahaha im loving it

Marie Claude
24/09/2015 07:54

he 152-ship Chinese naval fleet arrived in Alexandria harbor on Wednesday with a grand official welcoming ceremony held by the Chinese consulate and the general consulate in Alexandria.

Xinhau said that the Chinese fleet and The Egyptian Navy will carry out some activities together during that time, including joint maneuvers, warship visits, a display of military equipment and talks on each country’s experience fighting terrorism.

Greg Chacón
24/09/2015 14:20

Bad article. ISIS (or ISIL, as Obozo calls it) is a US boogey man operation. Putin is calling the US out on the floor. This is why Kerry was chiming in with “this could be a problem” yesterday. Now, the US will begin to pay with total loss of respect and loss of the moral high ground for lying to their own people and the rest of the world. Watch this clip and decide for yourself…

Irfan Rahid
24/09/2015 14:20

The US doesn’t know what to do. It needs no time to call an enemy a friend and a friend an enemy. Their this attitude is making them the most hypocratic nation of the world to laugh at. It’s absolute stupidity.

Victor Ajayi
24/09/2015 14:20
What Russia has done is to drive through the global consciousness that this is a global problem that requires a global approach and hence China do have a global responsibilty to get involved – they are the largest economy in the world and the responsible thing to do. The catastrophes in the middle east cannot be allowed to continue, it is time for a change to the approach that is known to always fail or at worst is the root cause of this issues The policy of regime change – even when they are democratically elected is undemocratic, arrogant, bad… Read more »
Benjamin Farmer
25/09/2015 05:50

When your in park and hear hoves dont think a zebrea

Mario Lopez
25/09/2015 06:50

I m agree with you David A Palmer USA is not longer the #1 like just to But Russia has the latest technology in everything like aircraft. SU-50 Pak Fa also the latest tank Armata T14 and the Best Army if we going to war with Russia. We need to think about it twice. Their can kick our asses or disappear of. The map

Wolfgang Bartels
25/09/2015 06:50
We know whats happent in germany. We saw how the USAF bombed civilian quarters, destroyed the buildings. Short after that they sent the refugees to europe. We know a lot more. We know we got fucked by our own allies from the NATO. Why the Turks fight the Kurds as long the kurds fight ISIS ? The Turks are NATO. There are Airbases. I was Spec. Ops in first Golf war with Bush sen. The night before Desert Storm was beginning, the French was about 2 mls from Bagdad. The US Command called them back. If not, the Legion get… Read more »
Steven Cutit
25/09/2015 07:00

The USA has far more experience fighting ISIS?
Do they have any? Did they ever begin?

Edward Chock
25/09/2015 13:59

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I see Obama drawing israel, Saudi and the EU to get involved in this conflict.

William King
25/09/2015 18:17

Putin will sort those Isis bastards he does what he says instead of our lot pussyfooting about good on ya Mr Putin

Micron PC
25/09/2015 18:57

You just have to ask yourself what the hell does Russia want with Assad a torn down country and a king that has no where to go, what interest is ther if any !. I believe it’s more politics than anything else. And guess what now the chinese is there as well…..

Ruoyu Sheng
26/09/2015 12:51


Kate James
26/09/2015 13:01

The Difference between the Russians/Chinese and the Americans is they don’t have a muslime president and unlike the Americans, they know how to deal with the Muslime problem.

Chris Thompsom
27/09/2015 01:52

About time decency combines to put this radical mob back to the stone age where they belong thieves murders cruel beyond believe how can you get a child to wear a suicide vest and sleep of a night rapists etc etc China Russian involvement good just put a end to them.

Raymond Wildes
28/09/2015 21:50

Obama has been allowing Isis to grow stronger in the past two years, supplying them with weapons and ammunition strategically just missing them every time Isis is Obama’s administrations baby. They invented them to seize control over Israel and eliminate the Catholic faith

Buster Himan
13/11/2015 13:27

This story is 100% false, China is not coming. Even if it was printed in error on bad information, why is it still posted? Stories like this bring all the other articles into doubt.