In this October 1, 2009 photo, China's missiles are carried in Beijing's Tiananmen Gate during a military parade marking the country's 60th anniversary. China has flight-tested an upgraded version of its 10,000-km range Dongfeng missile which could reach most of the U.S. and European cities.

Last month, the Syrian civilians living in the government-controlled parts of Syria had little be optimistic about: the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was spread too thin and on the defensive at most fronts, while the humanitarian crisis inside the country spread to the provinces that were once relatively unaffected by the violence (i.e. Al-Sweida).

Well, "hope springs eternal" when hundreds of Russian Marines and dozens of Russian jets enter your country; this was the case in the overcrowded provinces of Latakia and Tartous, as large crowds gathered near the coast to welcome these Russian naval infantrymen and their advanced military hardware.

Those previously depressed civilians in the government-controlled part of Syria are now oozing with optimism, thanks in large part to the recent news of China's military partnership with their Russian allies.

Earlier this week, a Chinese naval vessel crossed through Egypt's Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean Sea; its destination was unknown, but that did not make a difference to the Syrian people because the news circulating around the country indicated that China's participation in this brutal conflict was imminent.

According to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army that is stationed inside the coastal province of Latakia, "the Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks."

When asked to elaborate, the officer responded that Chinese military personnel were expected to join the Russians Marines stationed around Syria's western countryside.

The officer could not provide anymore details regarding their deployment; however, he did state that the Chinese military personnel were expected to arrive at Tartous' ports in the next six weeks.



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Ziad Welds

yeeehaaawwww comon usa you gonna go up against syria,russia,china,iran,hezb ? hahahahahahah good luck ,you morons just need to pull out now and dont even bother with some face saving solution ,you got no time for that ,,you gonna get huge egg on the face soon ,,im loving it

Kevin Rice

I like eggs!! From my head down to my legs!!

Connor McMahon

Go Putin Go!

Michael Og

if you would’ve told me Id be rooting for Russia and China 15 years ago Id call you insane…. now you are a very sane person for thinking I am rooting for them our government has made us become the bad guys

Dennis Richardson

Now is the time for the American military to act and arrest Barack Obama for treason. His actions created these events that have killed many innocent people. Try him before many interested witnesses from many other countries. Then execute him for treason.

Jason Watkins

Oh good. Now we can leave and let someone else fight this “forever war.” But seriously, if you’re do desperate to hate the US that you think the Russians and Chinese are acting out of good will here then you have deluded yourselves. They’re following their own self interests just as we have done for years.

Paul Silbert

This story is bullsh*t. Al-Masdar, an Israeli website, has no boots on the ground in Syria, so why does it write as if it does? As a retired teacher, I give this an F for Fiction.