The Syrian Arab Army's 103rd Brigade of the Republican Guard and their allies captured several villages in the Kurdish Mountains of northeastern Latakia yesterday; this paved the way for the pro-government forces to conduct a massive assault along the mountains bordering the strategic town of Salma this morning.

The Syrian Arab Army's 103rd Brigade - in close coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) of Qurdaha, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), and the Syrian Resistance - launched several attacks along the western flank of Salma this morning, striking the area that is situated to the north of the recently captured village of Kadeen in Jabal Al-Akrad.

Accoridng to a military source in northeastern Latakia, the Syrian Armed Forces began their assault by launching a barrage of mortar shells and rockets towards the western flank of Salma, while their allies from the Russian Air Force conduct a number of air raids to soften the Islamist rebel defenses.

It is highly unlikely that the Syrian Armed Forces will enter Salma from the western flank today; however, they have made it clear to the Islamist rebels of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syrian Al-Qaeda group) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that they have every intention of attacking this strategic town soon.

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Ron Chandler
10/01/2016 12:10

On to Salma! Surround and Snuff! No prisoners! Especially the Grey Wolves of Erdogonia! Vengeance for Oleg Peshkov!
Allah! Souriyah! Bashar ou bas!

Piaras Kerr
Piaras Kerr
11/01/2016 12:05

Niall McCann

Middle East Briefing
10/01/2016 19:56

Can Mr. #Putin Dictate the Conditions of the Transitional Process in #Syria?