Moments ago, an Al-Masdar reporter who was set to fly to the Middle East was detained by German police and heavily interrogated during the process. However, he has since been released.

Remarkably, he was detained for more than two hours while the German police attempted to frame him for various criminal charges.

The reporter, who did not wish to be named for security reasons, was also accused of having fought for militant groups on his previous trips to Arab countries. The German interrogators said they believed his final destination was Baghdad.

The Al-Masdar reporter was only released from the locked interrogation room due to his connecting flight to Istanbul being ready for departure.

With the journalist set to arrive in the Middle East over the coming hours, given no further disruptions on his journey, ground reports from the region will continue to break on Al-Masdar News.

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Daniel Kurz
Daniel Kurz
18/01/2016 14:31

Maybe there has been a hint by quatari or saudi-Arabian intel who dont like al-masdar news….

18/01/2016 13:06


18/01/2016 13:09

Wierd. They do realize that “Fuck ISIS and the Al Qaeda horse they rode in on” is basically the paper’s editorial policy?