Over the past few hours, the Kurdish YPG have captured Khuraybah and Shatal az Ziyarah villages from various Islamist rebel factions including Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria). Furthermore, Kurdish troops have taken control of the mill directly south of Dayr al-Jamal while preliminary (unconfirmed) reports indicate that YPG has also stormed the southern district of Dayr al-Jamal town itself.

Earlier today, Syrian government troops captured Kafr Naya and Mayir from Islamist rebels amidst a large scale government offensive launched from Aleppo city towards the former enclave of Nubl and al-Zahraa. Both offensives have been heavily aided by hundreds of Russian airstrikes over the past few days that have forced Islamist rebels to retreat from village after village.

Not long ago, a YPG official announced that the Kurdish fighters of the YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) intend to capture Azaz city from Islamist rebels as well as Jarablus city from ISIS militants as to connect Efrin in northwestern Syria with Kobane and Hasakah further east. If this plan succeeds, Kurdish forces will be in control of the vast majority of the Turkish-Syrian border while both ISIS and Islamist rebels with be left short of their former Turkish supply lines.

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GO GO Assad!

Vlad Steiner

70,000 “refugees” go to Turkey after SAA broken siege of Zahra and Nubl. ….

Darrin Garnham

need to create buffer south Bahamian and rityan

SAA Reporter

Kafr naya not confirmed dude

Malik Ejder

Halep koridoru son durum. böyleydi.. muhalifler koridoru açmak için göğüs göğüse çarpışıyor, Kısmen başarılılar

Medina Minds

I think the us has stopped supplying them now, its over, they have decided to opt for negotiations